Hyatt Design Thinking Aerosol Art Mural

The Hyatt resort in Kauai, Hawaii becomes the latest location for a conceptual aerosol art mural called “Design Thinking”. This brilliantly painted mural provides a reflection of the past and present in a symbolic fashion depicting how cultural timelines interweave while shaping the mind frame of our current way of thinking using technology.
Bold and vibrant colors are utilized to illustrate imagery that unlocks the imagination in order to showcase the correlation between paper pages and web pages, ocean waves the digital waves.
The murals statement itself carries a deep connection that bridges travel upon high sea and the frontiers of space which provides a sense of progressive creativity for the viewer.

The Aerosol Art Assc. is delighted for the opportunity to create this mural for the Hyatt staff to enjoy, we hope it inspires all of our web viewers.