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Farrington Highschool Aerosol Art Workshop

The Aloha Learning Center focused on offering an aerosol art workshop for Farrington HighSchool Students from January 24th-25th on the island of Oahu. Students were given hands on training by professional aerosol artist Caleb Aero in which they decorated a pavilion on campus. The artwork created showcased flowers and Hawaiian cultural art and a memorial […]

Hyatt Design Thinking Aerosol Art Mural

The Hyatt resort in Kauai, Hawaii becomes the latest location for a conceptual aerosol art mural called “Design Thinking”. This brilliantly painted mural provides a reflection of the past and present in a symbolic fashion depicting how cultural timelines interweave while shaping the mind frame of our current way of thinking using technology. Bold and […]

Paint Our Town 2013 San Diego

Paint Our Town 2013 San Diego

The Paint Our Town 2013 makes it’s colorful way to the home town of artist Caleb Aero in downtown San Diego. The popular Mexican restaurant known as “Pokez” located on 10th and E Street under goes a truly refreshing new mural that has pedestrians turning their heads and cars cruising slowly by. The new aerosol […]